Elite Belts is a Calgary based company specializing in quality, high end custom built safety equipment.  We manufacture SFI 16.1 and 16.2 Camlock and Latch Safety Restraints, (options; 5, 6 and 7 point, pull up, pull down, dragster style, wraparound, bolt in, fire retardant, 2″, 3″, black, red or blue webbing) Lap Seat Belts, SFI 27.1 Window Nets, Wheelie Bar Nets, Engine Sling Sets, Ratchet Straps, Arm Restraints, Combination Axle Straps, Oil Filter Diapers, Shock Extension Limiters, Soft Straps, Tow Straps and Spreader Bar Wheel Nets.

All custom built to your specifications using only North American aircraft components.  No off shore hardware.  Canadian company, Canadian funds.  Why spend $50.00 plus on shipping your belts back to the US for recertification and then pay shipping costs to return them to you?  Then there is the added turnaround time.  Some manufacturers no long recertify their product, but Elite Belts recertifies their own product in a timely manner.  All this saves you money in the form of shipping, duty and taxes, not to mention the US dollar exchange.

Built by racers for racers.  Not the least expensive, just the best.  What is your safety worth?  

We ship anywhere in Alberta, British Columbia or Saskatchewan for $20.00 with Canada Post Express.  

Proud sponsor of Speedzone Door Warz Pro Mod coverage four years running.

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  • Rory Moser

    “Their products are second to none and also great people.”

  • David Gillard

    “Love these guys.  All local racers should use these guys IMO.  They provide the best service of any supplier I use.”

  • Doug Lorraine

    “They fit very well and more comfortable than the Willans ones I have used in the past.”

  • Brent Fulmek

    “The fit of the net is exceptional. It’s nice to get something right the first time. Thanks again”

  • Darren Miller

    “Great people! Great product! Don’t buy another set of belts from the States anymore.”

  • Lee Cooke

    “Thank you for the excellent 5 point camlock belts.Just installed and Love them.Never had a set of belts that actually fit!!Now I do not have to deal with the extra 5yds of belt material ,and your camlock is great.Excellent turnaround on my order.I will spread the word to my small group of racers.”

  • Dennis Moore

    “Awesome customer service!! Very nice belts.”

  • Steve Rutherford

    “You now have a SCTA World Record Holder using your window nets.”

  • Raz Sonoma

    “Thanks for providing a great product and even better service.”

  • Joe Grave

    “That custom window net fit like a glove. Thanks for the outstanding service.”

  • Jackie Lucas

    “Made us a window net & belts, window net fits perfect”

  • Mike Thorpe

    “Awesome belts, impeccable quality”

  • Matt Brockhoff

    “Great people and great products”

  • Chris Mondor

    “Great products”

  • Chris Lewicki

    “We have always had great experiences with Elite Belts. Their products are very high quality and they custom build to order with very short turn around time. We are always pleased to do business with Elite Belts due to their exceptional customer service, reasonable pricing and excellent quality.”

    RH Race Cars
  • Ron MacDonell

    “For peace of mind and unmatched quality and superior service, call Cathy at Elite Belts!”

    B&R Recovery Inc / ProWest Motorsports
  • Matt Blasco

    “Gave them the measurements for my window net and they had it done within 2 days and shipped. Fit perfectly, thanks again!”

  • Mark Campbell

    “Fit and finish like no other! Thanks for the great belts and the great service!”

  • Ed Bouwmeester

    “Received my new lap belts for 1964 Dodge Polara. Awesome work and they will look amazing.”